3 thoughts on “I think the platinum diamond ring, how much is the approximate value?”

  1. Platinum is more easy to say that the recycling price of the PT950 is more than 300 yuan per gram. Specific, there will be some differences in different places.

    The diamond is more difficult to say. The landlord's diamonds are quite large, 31.7 points, the clarity is also good, the color is also available, it is still quite white. I guess at least the least time to buy such a diamond when buying such a diamond when buying such a diamond at least also. 5500 ~ 6000. If you go to the pawnshop, you must press 30%to 40%at your price. How much is the specific?

  2. Drilling is not very easy to sell, and the price will not be too high. The price of the PT950 holder is almost about 340. I personally think that your diamonds are good and may sell for more than 2,000 yuan. Finally, the entire ring can be sold to 3000.

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