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  1. Chen Deguan
    1. Build the basis of development, realize brand improvement
    Fujian Decheng Gold Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of gold jewelry experience. It is a creative planning, development, design, technology research and development, production processing, business management, management, management, management, management, management Large -scale gold jewelry companies that wholesale marketing and self -employed imports and exports.
    The company has a well -equipped multi -functional standard -standard factory and office building, as well as two major operating centers located in Fuzhou and Shenzhen. The company is committed to the investment and development of the gold jewelry project, continuously innovate in technology, continuously improved in terms of service, and strategically planned in strategic long -term planning, scientifically promoted the development of the company, organically combined the company's development concept with the market development trend to build sustainable development The operating system continues to achieve independent brands and technological innovation, improves operating performance, enhances the popularity and reputation of enterprises, and promotes the improvement of management efficiency and the improvement of operating efficiency. Since the establishment of the company for more than ten years, it has won: "Chinese Jewelry Jewelry Industry Famous Brand", "Famous Brand of Fujian Province", "Famous Brand of Fujian Jewelry Jewelry Industry", "Famous Trademark in Fujian Province" and "Fuzhou Famous Trademark" The series of honors successfully passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2007, becoming the first jewelry company in Fujian Province to receive this award.
    2. Clarify the strategic goals, expand development space
    in recent years, "Decheng" has adopted strategic decisions to get out of the Fujian market with its own strength. First of all, the sales hall of Shenzhen, expanding sales channels, and winning the affirmation and attention of the majority of industry merchants with new styles, multi -variety, and craftsmanship, and won and stabilized new and old customers with integrity operations. At the same time, it quickly established and expanded Shenzhen For more than a year, the production scale of the Shenzhen factory has been driven in handy with the Fuzhou factory in just over a year, achieving a win -win situation of flowering, complementary, and stable high yields in the two places. A solid foundation and guarantee.
    2012 China Jewelry and Jewelry Nian Junior Nian Jian
    Through unremitting efforts, the company has become a high -speed growth, stable and healthy, and standardized professional group company -Decheng Gold Group. Gold Co., Ltd., Fujian Decheng Jewelry Co., Ltd., Fujian Decheng Precious Metal Business Co., Ltd., Fujian Decheng Tianyi Culture Cultural Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Decheng Jewelry Co., Ltd.. Decheng Gold Group always adheres to the core culture of "the heart of Dehou, Jinyu sincerity", "De Ru Ruyu, sincerity like gold", advocating the management concept of "people -oriented, focusing on production, focusing on quality", and "professional, talent, talent "Service" is the three major source of power for the company's development, take the high -efficiency development of "production benefits, talent benefits, management benefits, and marketing benefits", creating a "professional skills, professional talent, professional management" business team, forming Two core strategic development structures of the golden production wholesale and marketing operations with the guidance of "fine, specialized, and deep" have achieved the goal of simultaneously operating the headquarters and marketing centers to radiate nationwide. The Group adheres to product research and development, process innovation and technological reforms, optimizes resource integration, strengthens business technology management, and makes every effort to build a strong research and development manufacturing system, wholesale supply system and other basic platforms, vigorously develop Fujian and Shenzhen "two production bases and two wholesale centers "Business scale. In recent years, the company has made full use of the hard work of hard work and aggressive enterprise. The business goals of the company have continued to break through and surpass, and have achieved the gratifying results of annual performance. Deheng Gold Group subsidiary Shenzhen Decheng Jewelry Co., Ltd. also quickly ranked among the largest powerful enterprises in Shenzhen, the international jewelry trading market, and established the benchmark for the Jewelry and jewelry enterprises of Fujian Province to enter the Shenzhen market and became the Shenzhen industry market. The main force of the Fujian enterprise. With the expansion of the national business cooperation of Decheng Gold, its industry influence has also been continuously improved. As the only designated production supplier of China Gold Group in Fujian Province, Decheng Gold has cooperated with China Gold Group for two years and has stabilized the quarterly and annual champion of supply performance. Essence
    2012 Mid -National Jewelry and Jade Shouchu Yearbook
    2012 Mid -National Jewelry and Jade Tripping Yearbook
    3. The Road to Future Development
    Decheng Gold Group's competition in the jewelry industry is increasingly fierce. Based on the country, looking at the international, it appeared at the Shenzhen International Jewelry Show for three consecutive years, becoming a beautiful landscape of the Fujian jewelry industry at the Shenzhen International Jewelery Fair, and also made "Decheng Gold" more noticeable in the industry. Decheng Gold is committed to spreading Chinese gold jewelry culture, and strives to become a model for inheriting jewelry culture. The future development of the company will adhere to the professional and integrated market development concept, combine its own core basic technological research results, face the general trend of the integrated market of gold jewelry jewelry, learn advanced experience and technology, and innovate Decheng Jinjin The connotation of project development, build a support system that can carry the comprehensive development of the project. In the environment of the development of China's jewelry industry today, the products and services of Decheng Gold the Group are developed in multiple fields and diversified directions, becoming China's gold jewelry jewelry The well -known group enterprise in the industry.

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