Follow my tweets with DClementDavies, and come and enjoy a brand new and free serialised story, as it's written. Dragon Post tells of a strange egg, in the post and even stranger realm, Blistag, where the Teller is wounded, and the Dragon Wars have begun again. David's stories have gathered 300,000 readers worldwide, been shortlisted for prizes in the UK, and won awards and starred reviews in the US. Join the story and his blog about great books, and a brand new publishing adventure with Phoenix Ark Press. We're going to publish Scream of the White Bear too in the UK first, in a company built for and around writers first. Join the fun and the battle at FACEBOOK too, but if you love his stories, an author and a pool of artists need a bit of help to stir up a storm of interest. Thanks for reading, and listening, for some wonderful letters, fan art, and ideas, and together let's give some power back to artists and storytellers. As for David's novels, one is in the pipeline, and many other ideas are fizzing away.